The app

The B737MRG is available as electronic app on iPhone, iPad and Android.

With the mobile app, you get access to all Editions (CL, NG, MAX) in all languages (EN, CN).

QRH Checklists
The app index contains all non-normals from the QRH, and many other failures
Lights Index
Find the proper QRH checklist starting from the Lights Index
Look-up MDS (737-MAX) Maintenance Status Messages and get redirected to the correct QRH checklist and MEL item
Fully responsive UI design and content display. Fonts, images and page styling automatically adapt to phone and tablet (any orientation).
Add Notes
Write your private notes from simulator debriefing and line experience straight in the app. Attach pictures and weblinks to each non-normal.
Tap on any system abbreviation (like APU, MCAS, DFDAU, etc) to look-up the terminology
Markup / Dictionary
Use text markup to highlight important keywords. Look-up any English words through the built-in dictionary. (iOS only)
Receive unlimited revisions with a single tap of the button


Similar to magazine & newspaper apps, you require a subscription to access the contents of the B737MRG app.

Free download the app from your favorite app store and catch a glimpse of the demo content. If you are pleased with the functionalities and demo,  activate your subscription from inside the app, on the MENU – User License page.

Get access to all Editions (Classic, NG, MAX) in all languages (English, Chinese) on all devices (Phone, Tablet). Use the app on multiple devices with a single subscription, as long as all these devices run with the same app store account.

The price for the subscription is about one dollar / euro per month (depending on local taxes and currency rate). The subscription includes all updates of the app and the content.


The subscription runs for a period of 12 months and can be terminated at any time. When terminated, the subscription runs until the end of the current 12-months period. By default, the subscription automatically renews, unless auto-renew is turned Off in your iTunes / Google Play account, at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

(Classic, NG, MAX)
(English, Chinese)
(300 per edition)
(schematics, panels)

Frequently asked questions

You can use the app on multiple devices, provided that you are logged-in with the same app store account ID.

The same comment is valid for using the app on a device from the company.

Your subscription is linked to your app store account.

Unfortunately, you cannot share your subscription from one store (iTunes / Google Play) to another store.

When you switch from iOS to Android (or opposite), you must terminate your subscription in one store and start a new subscription in the other store.

In the event you use iOS and Android devices together, you require separate subscriptions. This is Apple iTunes / Google policy, I have no control over this, sorry.

As per the Apple iTunes – Family Sharing and also Google Play – Family Libraries policy, In-App Purchase content cannot be shared with other devices in the family.

This is Apple iTunes / Google policy, I have no control over this, sorry.

Yes, some airline companies provide a free copy of the B737MRG to all pilots.

Contact the author to activate the B737 MRG app on the company EFB through the Entreprise – Volume Purchase Program.

As for any other virtual goods that you purchase online (software, music, movies), your purchase cannot be returned.

Prior to subscribing to the app, make sure to first install and test the free DEMO. The demo gives a good impression of all functionalities and content.

All sales are handled by the stores. In line with privacy regulations, I do not receive any details.  I do not have access to the purchase that you make.

Trouble Shooting


1- delete the app from the device

2- clear the backup from iCloud (read more : Manage iCloud storage )

3- re-install the app

4- on the User License page, press the “Restore” button  (read more :  Restore In-App Purchase )

5- on the Editions page, select the book that you want to use and press the Download button



1- clear cache and all data for the app (Settings – Apps – B737 MRG)

2- delete the app from the device

3- re-install the app

4- on the User License page, press the “Restore” button

5- on the Editions page, select the book that you want to use and press the Download button

Each book is about 8 MB in size.  Downloading should take just a few seconds (high-speed internet) up to a minute (low-speed internet).

Public networks, such as your hotel room wifi, often cause trouble. If downloading 1 book takes longer than 5 minutes, your download is probably being blocked :

– router firewall : disable the firewall for a minute (not possible in a hotel room)
– wifi / 3G connection : try a VPN connection
– internet provider : connect to another wifi network (at the office or your friends house)
– public wifi network : make sure internet is available (open the webbrowser and enter your internet access key)
– anti-virus :  add the app to your trusted list

On the Edtions page, select the corrupted edition and re-download the files.

If you get this error for only 1 file, there may be a bug in the software. In that case, contact the author with more details.

In-App Purchase have been turned OFF on your machine. Verify Settings – General – Restrictions

(iOS) Here is more info from Apple Support :
Prevent in-app purchases from the App Store

(Android) Here is more info from Google Support :
Problems with in-app purchases

(iOS) In-App Purchase may cause issues on jailbreaked iOS systems. Read this article for guidelines.