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The B737 MRG product includes the following product and services :

  • the websites ( B737mrg.net / B737MRG.cn )
  • the paper printed handbooks B737 MRG (different editions)
  • the electronic apps and electronic content B737 MRG (B737 MRG, B737 MRG CN, B737 MRG VPP)
  • updating of the websites, the books, the apps and all content

further referenced to as the “B737 MRG”.



The B737 MRG has no connection with The Boeing Company !

The B737 MRG has been reviewed and meets all requirements that are enforced by legal department of The Boeing Company.



The B737 MRG has not been approved by any airline company nor by the aircraft manufacturer whereto it refers. The author cannot be held responsible for any incorrect or outdated information. Accuracy of the B737 MRG cannot be guaranteed. The printed or electronic copy that you receive may not be current or compatible with your aircraft type or equipment. At all times use the original airline company publications and aircraft manufacturer manuals for correct and up-to-date procedures and data. The MRG should be used as additional information only.



The B737 MRG must in no manner whatsoever be considered or utilized as a substitute for any approved and/or official and/or instructive manuals or operating procedures supplied by any aircraft manufacturer and/or by your employer. The B737 MRG is provided as, and must be considered as, background information only, and is never to be used in any manner in the operation of any aircraft. You must always use the official employer publications and aircraft manufacturer manuals as sole reference for operating procedures and technical data ! The B737 MRG has not been submitted to The Boeing Company, to any aviation administration, or to any airline for review or approval, and nothing contained herein must be construed as suggesting such approval.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the B737 MRG no warranty (implied or otherwise) is given in this regard by the author or the publisher! Use of this publication in any manner whatsoever is at your sole risk and the author and/or the publisher hereof will not in any manner whatsoever be held responsible for any damage and/or loss of life (howsoever arising and from whatsoever cause, including but not limited to direct, indirect and/or consequential), all of the aforesaid to any person utilizing the B737 MRG or suffered as a consequence (directly or indirectly) of any person utilizing the B737 MRG.



The content of the B737 MRG handbook and electronic app are copyright-protected material.  You are not allowed to make any copies, in any way (photocopy, scan, screenshots, camera, ocr, etc). You are not allowed to reproduce, in whole or in part, any content of the B737 MRG.

The publisher will immediately submit a claim against any infringement that occurs.


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With invalidity of individual regulations the validity of the remaining regulations remains unaffected.