The  B737MRG  is the world’s most trusted reference for professional pilots flying the Boeing 737.
Today, around 85,000 pilots worldwide carry a copy of the B737MRG.

Taking the QRH as starting-point, the B737MRG goes beyond with practical guidelines
how to deal with the non-normal and how to continue the flight.

The B737MRG actually starts where the QRH ends.

Here are six key factors about the B737MRG:



Practical guidelines and tips-and-tricks, based on 20,000 hours hands-on experience



Illustrations, logic gates and system schematics help you better understand system failures



Each failure redirects you to the right page in the QRH, FCTM, DDG-MEL, SP and to EASA-FAA regulations



The B737MRG explains how to deal with some nasty combined failures



Training guidelines for 737 pilots, instructors and check airmen



Discover unrevealed knowledge about the Boeing 737



Take a tour inside the guide with this 40-pages demo file


The MRG covers all non-normals from the QRH, and another 100 failures for which there is no checklist !

Frequently asked Questions

There are several excellent 737 handbooks that describe systems in depth. The MRG is different !

The MRG starts where the QRH ends, and provides you with practical guidelines how to deal with the non-normal, both on ground and in-flight.

Here is a simple example ;  the STARTER VALVE OPEN light illuminates

If you go look for this light in different 737 system guides, they will tell you that the starter valve is open…

The MRG tells you how to handle this non-normal on the ground and in flight at 37,000 feet. Do you keep the engine running or should you shut it down ? Is there any risk for damage if you keep the engine running ? How does this failure affect the starter and the bleed system ? What is the impact on engine performance ? Does this failure increase fuel consumption ? Should you continue to destination or divert and land asap ? Can you solve the problem by pulling a circuit breaker ? Is this a MEL NOGO after landing ?  Are there any differences between NG and MAX ?

These are the kind of questions the MRG will answer for you. All info is based on pilot experience and on Boeing technical manuals, including the AMM, FIM, SSM, SDS, WDM and Boeing Bulletins.

The MRG is not distributed as PDF.

You can download the app for iOS and Android.

The MRG is continuously being updated since the first day, back in 1997 !  I’ve literally spent thousands of hours in the past 20+ years on research, writing and updating the B737 MRG handbooks.

Should you find any error or outdated information, please drop me a note. Your feedback and comments are very welcome.

You can order the B737MRG paper handbook through your local dealer. Contact me for any order of more than 5 handbooks.