MRG Updates

Latest version :

As from 2015, the paper book is only updated for errors. New tips and tricks are added only to the electronic version. As such, as from 2015-2016, the electronic versions on iPad and Android contain slightly more information than the paper books. Nevertheless, the paper books are still complete and in line with the latest changes and QRH.

Update 2015-2016 is now available in paper print and in electronic version.

The next update of the B737 MRG is planned for 2017-2018 with the release of the B737-MAX...

2015-2016 Update :

What is new in the 2015-2016 update :

   - corrected some errors
   - updated to the latest Boeing QRH
   - added a lot of new stuff (electronic version only)

Use this update sheet to update your 2012-2014 book in handwriting.