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The Management Reference Guide is a useful tool for airline pilots operating the Boeing 737.
Check out the 40-page demo-file to have a look inside the guide.

The MRG covers all QRH-items and many more, reaching over 300 non-normals in total !
Check out the table of contents file.

The MRG is printed pocket size A5 (21 x 15 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 inches) and is plasticoil bound.
The guide is protected by a durable 1 mm - 0.04 inch thick transparent cover to carry this guide around the world.

The guide is available in black-white print and in full color print.
Check out the layout demo file to notice the difference.

The MRG is frequently updated. Changes and error corrections are listed on this website for manual update.
Refer to the 'Updates' page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MRG just another 737 handbook ?

Negative, there are several excellent 737 handbooks that describe systems in depth.  The MRG is different ; system description is limited to a logic gate to explain why an amber/blue/red/green light illuminates, but then the MRG is full of useful information on how to manage this non-normal !   The MRG explains how this non-normal affects your flight and gives you guidelines how to manage continuance of the flight, both on the ground (DDG-MEL) and up there at 37,000 feet !

Let me give you the following example ; The STARTER VALVE OPEN light illuminates in cruise. If you go look for this light in different 737 system guides, they will tell you that the starter valve is open...

Well, I'm not spending a lot of words telling you that the valve is open, I assume that you know that already. The MRG tells you how to handle this non-normal on the ground and in flight at 37,000 feet. Do you keep the engine running or should you shut it down ? Is there any risk for damage if you keep the engine running ? How does this failure affect the starter and the bleed system ? What is the impact on engine performance ? Does this failure increase fuel consumption ? Should you continue to destination or divert and land asap ? Can you solve the problem by pulling a circuit breaker ? Is this a MEL NOGO after landing ?

These are the kind of questions the MRG will answer for you. All info is based on pilot experience and on Boeing technical manuals, including the AMM, FIM, SSM, SDS, WDM and Boeing Bulletins.

Is the MRG available in electronic format (for example Acrobat PDF or iPad) ?

The MRG is not distributed as PDF. You can download the app for iOS and Android; visit the iOS - ANDROID page.

Can I order the MRG in loose leaf format ?

The MRG is only available plasticoil bound. Sorry, we do no longer offer loose leaf format nor drilled with 3 or 7 (Jeppesen) holes.

Is the MRG kept updated ?

The MRG was written back in 1997 for private use, when I became Captain on the 737-200. The first commercial publication was released in 2005. The MRG has been continuously updated since the start in 1997 !
I've literally spent thousands of hours in the past 20 years to research and update the B737 MRG books.

I am eager to get your feedback and comments. If you feel that some pages are not very useful or that certain subjects require additional information, please let me know.
If you find any error, please let me know too, even if you are not sure. Your feedback and comments are very much appreciated !

Can I find more details on 737NG in "Edition NG" than in "Edition CL+NG" ?

Edition CL+NG has exactly the same amount of information on 737-NextGen as Edition NG. The same goes for Classic when you compare Edition CL+NG to Edition CL. Notice that the number of pages in the combi editions is larger, without any difference in price.

The electronic version on iOS and Android runs per variant. You can switch between CL, NG and MAX. The B737-200 is not available in electronic format.

Do you offer any discount in case of group orders ?

Yes, we offer a discount if 5 or more books are ordered at once. However, if your country has a local dealer, you should contact the dealer to obtain any discount for group orders. Refer to the 'Local Dealers' page for a list of local dealers.

Use the website for all orders up to 5 books. If you intend to order more than 5 books, contact me per e-mail to obtain a group order discount.


If you have any other question, send a message via the Contact page.