iOS - Android

The B737MRG is also available on iPhone / iPad and Android Tablet as an independent and interactive app.

You can free download the app and view some sample files. If you are pleased by the concept and functionalities of the app, you can purchase the entire book from the Editions page in the right upper corner of the app.

The price for the electronic version varies per country and is listed prior to confirming your Order. The purchase includes free error revisions for a period of 12 months. New annual updates are not included. All sales are handled by Apple (iTunes) and Android (Google Play).

Unfortunately, there is no discount when you had purchased the paper printed book and you switch to the electronic version.

The following editions are published in electronic format :
  • CL (3/4/500) + NG (6/7/8/900/BBJ) - English
  • NG (6/7/8/900/BBJ) - English
  • NG (6/7/8/900/BBJ) - Chinese

The app comes with various functionalities :   (click on screenshots)

  You can navigate through the Non-Normal Checklist table of contents, or by pressing any light from the Lights Index
Or use the Search function to look-up the Non-Normal Checklist you need.
  (iOS) You can markup text. Should you purchase another book in the future, the markup is ported to the next update !

(iOS) You can look-up words from the built-in dictionary
  Add your own notes at the bottom of each Non-Normal checklist. You can include images and weblinks. Clicking on the link automatically connects to the website. Should you purchase another book in the future, your notes are ported to the next update, even if you change to another edition (CL+NG or NG).
  Select any abbreviation from the book and display its meaning.
  The B737MRG is used by 1 on 5 of all 737 pilots worldwide, from Alaska to Australia, from Chile to Japan !
For pilots in China, the app is also available in Chinese.


Free download from Apple Store

Free download from Google Play Store


Update 2015-2016

App Update :
  • Currently, we have Version 5 - iOS and Version 4 - Android Tablet
  • App updates are totally free and automatic

Content Update :
  • Currently, we have Edition 2015-2016 for the B737/CL/NG
  • Edition 2012 remains available should you not want to pay for the new update
  • I plan to release the next update Edition 2018 by Q4-2017, including the new B737-MAX
  • Content updates are charged extra, but with an important discount (read further)

Restoring your 2012 book

On the Editions page, press the "RESTORE my last Purchase >" button. It should now display your last paid edition in the left upper corner of the Editions page.

There is no risk in pressing that button twice or more. iOS users may get a confusing message from iTunes that you will be charged again, but you are never charged double.

Next, select any of the 2012 editions from the list and download the files. When downloaded, set the edition Active.

Upgrading to the 2015-2016 edition

Should you be interested in the new 2015-2016 update, you can optionally purchase that edition.

If you had previously purchased the 2012 (electronic) edition, you get a discount of about 60% OFF. In order to get this discount, make sure to first RESTORE your 2012 edition, before Purchasing the New Update.

The new 2015-2016 edition comes with some error corrections and I added a lot of new stuff...! The contents are updated with the latest Boeing QRH.


Trouble Shooting

I cannot open any of the files

  1- delete the app from the iPhone / iPad

  2- clear the backup from iCloud
      (check out this link - iOS :  Manage iCloud storage )

  3- re-install the app
      (check out the app About that you have the latest version)

  4- on the Editions page, press the "Restore Purchase" button
      (if you run into trouble on iOS, check this page :  Restore In-App Purchase )

  5- on the Editions page, select the book that you want to use and press the Download key
      (on iOS - long tap and hold)   (if the download does not work, read further down)

  6- on the Editions page, select the book that you want to use and press the Activate key
      (on iOS - long tap and hold)

I cannot download the files / Download take 30 minutes or more...

Downloading the book (8 MB file) should take a few seconds or a minute only. Public networks, such as your hotel room wifi, often cause trouble. If the download takes longer than 5 minutes, one of the following culprits is blocking the download :

    - router firewall : disable the firewall for a minute (not possible in a hotel room)
    - wifi / 3G connection : try a VPN connection
    - internet provider : connect to another wifi network (at the office or your friends house)
    - public wifi network : make sure internet is available (open the webbrowser and enter your internet access key)

I get ''Invalid File Encryption'' for all files after purchasing edition

On the Edtions page, select the corrupted edition and re-download the files.

If you get this error for only 1 file, there may be a bug in the software. In that case, contact the author with more details.

When I press the BUY button, I get a message ''In-App Purchases are not allowed'' ?

(iOS) In-App Purchase have been turned OFF on your machine. Verify Settings - General - Restrictions

Here is more info from Apple Support : In-App Purchase

I cannot find the B737 MRG app on Apple Store / Google Play Store ?

The app should be available worldwide... Search for B737 MRG, that is with a space in the middle.

The app is only be visible in the store when your device meets the requirements set for this app. That explains why you don't get to see the app on your iPhone or on Android phones other than 1024x600 and 1280x800 pixels displays. Android users can use the above link for installation on non-supported screen sizes. Feedback welcome.

When I press the BUY button, I get a message ''This is not a test user account [Environment : Sandbox]'' ?

(iOS) In-App Purchase may cause issues on jailbreaked iOS systems. Read this article for guidelines.



Do I have to pay again when I install the app on another tablet ?

You can install the book on another tablet, if you use the same App Store account on that tablet.

As for any other app, your purchase cannot be carried over to another store, in especially from iTunes to Android, or the other way.

I want a refund

Prior to paying for the full edition, first download and test the demo app. If you are pleased with the demo, you can order and pay for the full edition.

If you believe you were charged twice after a re-install and you want a refund :

  • Android users can contact me for a refund. Mention the two order numbers from Google Play.
  • For iOS users, I have no control panel allowing me to view or refund any payments. All sales are handled by iTunes. Therefore, iOS uses must contact iTunes for any billing issues and refunds. Click here for guidelines, or fill-out this form (partially in Russian, but the form works for everyone).

How do I backup myNotes ?

myNotes and Text Markup are preserved when you update the app to a new version, or when you purchase a new edition.
Deleting the app also deletes all notes. You can however make a backup of your notes and markup via iCloud or iTunes, as follows :

There are two type of backup processes ;  automatic (by connecting to iTunes) and manual (select the ''Make backup copy'' option). After deleting the app from iOS you need to right-click on iOS in iTunes and select "Restore from backup..." option. From the dialog prompt, select the backup file with date and time stamp.

Android users must arrange their backup by other means.

Can I hyperlink to Boeing manuals stored as PDF on my phone/tablet ?

Apple iOS guidelines do not allow an app to link to another document on the machine. Each app must remain within its own so-called sandbox. You can however make a screenshot of the concerned page in your Flight Manual and have the B737 MRG app link to the image, that will work.

The same logic was maintained for the Android app.