Free Downloads

Here are some schemes from the book that you can free download :

Boeing 737 Doors

Boeing 737 Hydraulics

Boeing 737 Electrical


Other study material you may find useful :

B737-300 (Classic) Pitch and Power Settings

B737-800 (NG) Pitch and Power Settings

B737 Engine Failure Diagnosis

B737 Engine Failure Notes

B737 PAN-PAN or MAYDAY call


The following presentations require Microsoft ® Powerpoint. You can free download the MS Powerpoint Viewer ® from the Microsoft website (also for Mac).
It is recommend to first download these presentations (right-mouse click - Save As) to your desktop, and then run it from there.

The B737 Vertical Situation Display (VSD)   (3 MB)

The B737 Exterior Inspection   (with 100 pictures - 29 MB)



Pilot Logbook Software

Get the FREE pilot logbook for Windows PC / Mac OS / iOS / Android / Blackberry / Fire Kindle.
Connect to your airline crew web portal and retrieve your flight roster straight in your electronic logbook :




Other documents I carry in my flight bag :

ICAO Delay Codes   Dangerous Goods carried by passengers
IATA Dangerous Goods   Interception in flight
Jeppesen Minimum Altitudes   Noise Abatement Procedures
Aircraft Worldwide Registrations   Snowtam Decoder (Notam format)
ICAO Flight Plan   Snowtam Decoder (Metar format)
Rules of Thumb for Aviation   ICAO Worldwide Airport Codes
North Atlantic HF Weather Airfields.   ICAO Country Prefix Codes
FAA AIM publication   ICAO PANS-ATM (Doc 4444)