Terms & Conditions

The B737 MRG (Management Reference Guide about the Boeing 737) includes both the paper book and the electronic version, and is called "the product" hereafter. The following terms and conditions apply to all orders of the product. Additional terms and conditions apply for electronic purchase through to the Apple iTunes store or the Android Google Play store.

1. Approval

This website, the product and the services that are provided have no connection with The Boeing Company !

The content of the product has not been approved by the airline company nor by the aircraft manufacturer whereto it refers. The author cannot be held responsible for any incorrect or outdated information in this guide. Accuracy of this guide cannot be guaranteed. The printed or electronic copy that you receive may not be current or compatible with your aircraft type or equipment. At all times use the original airline company publications and aircraft manufacturer manuals for correct and up-to-date procedures and data. The MRG should be used as additional information only.

2. Liability

This publication must in no manner whatsoever be considered or utilized as a substitute for any approved and/or official and/or instructive manuals or operating procedures supplied by any aircraft manufacturer and/or by your employer. The contents of this publication are provided as and considered as background information only and are never to be used in any manner in the operation of any aircraft. You must always use the employer publications and aircraft manufacturer manuals as sole reference for operating procedures and technical data ! The contents of this publication have not been submitted to the Boeing Company or to any aviation administration or to airlines for review or approval, and nothing contained herein must be construed as suggesting such approval.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this publication no warranty (implied or otherwise) is given in this regard by the author or the publisher. Use of this publication in any manner whatsoever is at your sole risk and the author and/or the publisher hereof will not in any manner whatsoever be held responsible for any damage and/or loss of life (howsoever arising and from whatsoever cause, including but not limited to direct, indirect and/or consequential), all of the aforesaid to any person utilizing this guide or suffered as a consequence (directly or indirectly) of any person utilizing this guide.

3. Place of execution, place of jurisdiction

Place of execution is Hasselt, Belgium. The local place of jurisdiction of the buyer's residence is responsible for all customers worldwide.

Website e-Commerce

The following terms and conditions apply to orders through this website. These conditions do not apply to electronic purchases through the Apple iTunes store or the Android Google Play store.

4. Contracting party

MCC bvba
Stapstraat 60
B-3540 Herk-de-Stad
Belgium - Europe

Managing director:            Captain Pat BOONE
VAT-number (Belgium):   BE 0479.735.670

5. General

The purchase contract is valid after reception of your online-order and when you have received an order confirmation. The automatic e-mail confirmation from VISA or Paypal is no acceptance of order. Transfer of rights and duties of the seller from the purchase contract need the written approval of the seller.

6. Pricing

All prices shown are in euro (EUR) and do not include value added taxes (VAT). VAT on books and on shipping is 6% for Europe. VAT will automatically be added and displayed at check-out, before you confirm and pay your order.

No VAT will be charged to customers with invoice address outside the European Community. No VAT will be charged to customers within the European Community if you have a valid VAT number according to VIES VAT number validation.

Shipping costs include packing and (only with EMS shipping option) insurance.

Our price quotes do not include any customs or duty charges. All items are subject to duty regulations that vary by country. All items entering a foreign country are subject to customs inspection and the assessment of duties and taxes in accordance with that country's national laws. Generally, customs duties and taxes are assessed if the merchandise is dutiable and the value of the item is above the threshold set by the country's laws. We do not accept any request to mention a lower value on the invoice or on the Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note ! If a shipment is refused upon delivery, the buyer is held responsible for any duty or tax if the package is opened and inspected by customs officials.

7. Terms of delivery

All orders are shipped weekly, on Thursday.

Complaints for incomplete or incorrect delivery have to be made immediately, seven days after reception of the products at the latest. The shipment is being made at the buyer's risk and expense. Loss or damage will NOT be refunded by the seller, unless you have selected and paid for shipping with insurance (shipping method EMS).
In case you have selected and paid for shipping with insurance, claims for damaged packages must be made immediately upon receipt. The guide must be send back to the seller before a new guide can be shipped.

Claims for loss become valid if the package did not arrive within 2 months (prior airmail) - 4 weeks (express shipping) after shipping date. The seller cannot be held responsible if somebody else but you has signed for receipt at your address. When a package got lost, the buyer will receive a new guide.

8. Shipping

The buyer has a choice between the following shipping options ;

  • ECO (Postal Service Economy Airmail) - Not Insured !

  •      - delivery takes 2 weeks (Europe) / 4 weeks (Worldwide)
         - no insurance for damage or loss

  • EMS (Express Mail Shipping EMS) - Insurance included

  •      - delivery takes about 4 business days (Europe) and 8 business days (Worldwide) (*1)
         - insurance for damage and loss
         - e-tracking via website
         - you must sign for receipt (*2)
         - contact phone number is required (*3)

              (*1) With the release of the electronic app, the number of paper book sales has dropped significantly.
                     As a result, we have 1 collect per week only, on Thursday. The delivery period starts from Friday.

              (*2) Delivery to PO Box addresses cannot be guaranteed ! If you fill-in a PO Box address and your order is returned to our office,
                     a new shipment will be charged to send your order a second time.

              (*3) The contact phone number is mandatory, so dispatch can reach you if necessary (address error, absence, any other reason) !
                      If the phone number is missing and your order is returned to our office for any reason, a new shipment will be charged to send your order a second time.

Delivery time starts counting the first business day after day of shipping. Delivery times are for info only and cannot be guaranteed.

Some shipping option(s) may not be available towards the country of destination. The on-line order page will automatically disable these method(s). The shipping charge that is shown will be the actual shipping charge.

9. Conditions of payment

Orders worldwide can be paid by ;

  • Paypal secure on-line payment (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, e-Check)
  • Bank wire transfer pre-payment (*4)
                  (*4) These are our bank wire transfer account details: (all bank charges must be paid by the buyer !)


     MCC bvba, Stapstraat 60, B-3540 Herk-de-Stad (Belgium)


     Name:          ING
     Account:      335-0182103-80
     IBAN:           BE47 3350 1821 0380
     BIC - Swift:   BBRUBEBB

10. Conditional Sale

The products shipped are in the seller's possession until they are paid in full.

11. Guarantee

The warranty for all products is 24 months starting the day of dispatch. Warranty is limited to the fabrication material only, not to the content of the books ! Should a product fail within warranty, the seller has the right to elimination of the faults. In case that elimination fails, the seller can replace the faulty product with an equivalent new product. If that is impossible, the purchase price will be re-compensated.

Further claims for damages are excluded. Apparent defects need to be reported to the seller in writing within seven days after receipt of the goods. The seller is not liable for defects that are in direct connection to a false or incorrect use of the product, for example if a product was taken apart, which is not authorized by the seller. Normal wear is not covered by warranty.

12. Order Cancellation

Once payment is completed, the order cannot be cancelled anymore. Except for damage during shipment covered by insurance, goods cannot be returned.

Privacy Policy

13. Your Privacy

No personal data will be stored except data necessary to process the order and to administer the business relationship. The transfer of your personal information to the freight carrier will be limited to what is necessary to ship the order. We do not sell or divulge your personal information to any other person or company.

We use Paypal for secure online payments. Paypal uses the latest encryption technology, digital certificates, secure commerce servers, and authentication to ensure that the buyer's personal information and credit card data is secure online. Credit card data is not stored in our databases, in fact, the buyer's credit card data doesn't even reach us.

14. Marketing

The user will receive support information, new offers and notifications about the product and other products and services from the author. The user can unsubscribe from these messages by clicking the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the message. The author may send any notices required by law, in lieu of communication by postal mail, via email to the user.

15. Partial invalidity

With invalidity of individual regulations the validity of the remaining regulations remains unaffected.