Comments - Pilots

Posted by Bill BULFER - author of the B737 Cockpit Companion Guide

"I got the book and I'm very impressed. The MRG is an excellent guide, very high quality and very well laid out. It would be a book that should be in everyone's aviation library. I'm carrying it in my suitcase so I can study it further. I'm going to learn a lot of things reading this! You've done a great job collecting this information from all your experience, Pat."

Posted by Chris BRADY - author of the Technical Site

"This guide is full of lots of good information, tips and advice about handling non-normals. Excellent background reading - especially before visiting the simulator. Your diagrams and tables are particularly good. On the whole it is an excellent publication which gives good advice beyond the scope of our FCOM's and, if you don't mind the logic gate layout, most 737 pilots could learn a lot from it. "

Posted by André LUDOVIC - author of B737

"Just received your book. Even I think I know very well B737s, I learn a little more every day... The MRG format is the best compromise ; it is handy, well designed and not too heavy..."

Posted by P.B. - Chief Pilot USAF C-40B/C B737-BBJ - United States Air Force, USA

"We've been at the Boeing facility in Seattle doing our yearly flight manual review conference this week.  I saw a copy of your book which I'd never seen before and I loved it, so I just placed my order this afternoon.  Can't wait to get the book !"

Posted by T.K - F/O B737 - Qantas, Australia

"The book is simply fantastic and leaves allot of airline produced material severly lacking in detail and quality. I can't begin to imagine the work that you have put into making this publication. I have a simulator session to study for and your manual in conjunction with my company manuals have really expanded my understanding of the various systems of the 737."

Posted by A.A.C. - Captain B737 - JAL Express, Japan

"I've just bougth your book and it is more than I was expecting. It is a excellent tool for trainning and for flying. I remove all useless papers from my flight bag to find space for your guide!"

Posted by D.R. - Head of Training Department - PrivatAir, Switzerland

"This book will from now on be part of the standard documentation we provide to our new BBJ pilots when they start operations within our airline."

Posted by F.L. - SFI B737 - American Airlines, USA

"Excellent material. Thanks for an excellent presentation."

Posted by B.K. - Captain B737 - Delta Air Lines, USA

"Your MRG is an excellent resource. I've been on the 800 for 3 years and am currently a Line Check Airman with Delta Air Lines. I plan on having this resource as a reference in my day to day flying...lots of good information. The MRG looks to be THE source book for the 737 !"

Posted by M.B. - Captain B737 - South-West Airlines, USA

"I have about 18,000 flying hours and I am very happy with your study material. It is well laid out and it looks great. I have other 737 guides, but I like your color pictures, it's more hands on."

Posted by S.C. - Instructor B737 - Alaska Airlines, USA

"Your book has been a valuable asset to my library and I refer to it constantly. It has some very detailed information that is not readily available from our own manuals and explains why the checklist are written the way they are. I have been preaching your books to my fellow pilots !"

Posted by C.N. - F/O B737 - G.O.L. Airlines, Brazil

"Thanks for providing such useful information on the B737! Congratulations."

Posted by M.C. - F/O B737 - Hainan Airlines, China

"This is a such excellent description, I certainly like it very much. This is a wonderful job you've done. For sure, I will be happy to let other pilots know this."

Posted by M.V. - Captain B737 - Pacific Blue Arilines, New Zeeland

"I have been looking at your guide on line and am very impressed. I consider your guide would be a particularly valuable addition to my flight library. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into compiling the MRG. Well done !"

Posted by A.P. - F/O B737 - Jet Airways, India

"An excellent book, obvious hard work and research. Very detailed correlation between the FCOM, QRH, FCTM etc. Keeps you a step ahead of a developing situation. I shall definitely be recommending the MRG. Great job, Pat!!"

Posted by H.A.T. - F/O B737 - Oman Air, Oman

"This is the best book for 737 pilots available worldwide, it is just great and beyond expectations. Well done, keep up the excellent job !"

Posted by O.S. - Captain B737-900 - Jordan Aviation, Jordania

"Experience can't be taught, well this book does. I am under command training now and this book gives me lots and lots of tech and other info that I never knew about !"


Comments - Maintenance Departments

Posted by P.G.S. - Training Manager, Technical Division - dba Luftfahrtgesellschaft, Germany

"We use this guide for internal maintenance training, just to show the guys what happens when pilots have a little light coming up on the panels. This book absolutely fills our expectations and requirements because of its high variety of functions and malfunctions that are explained very thoroughly, what makes finding adequate solutions easier - also for maintenance staff."

Posted by R.J. - 737 Aircraft Engineer, Technical Services - SAS, Scandinavia

"I work within maintenance and find this book very helpful for brush-up and as a quick guide."

Posted by E.V. - Head of Maintenance Department, Technical Services - Tech4Jets, Belgium

"All the guys from our technical department are using your guide, it's really a good tool for us."



Posted by R.F.d.V - F/O B737 - Transavia, the Netherlands

"The title of your book suggests it provides extended information on failures and follow-up. I was suprised to find out this is not the case. I can find a lot of information from your guide in the Boeing FCOM."

REPLY from the AUTHOR : "I cannot re-invent the Boeing 737, so it is quite self-evident that part of the information can also be found in the FCOM. This remark goes for all 737-guides, including Bill Bulfer's Companion Guide and Chris Brady's Technical Guide. In all cases I have tried to display the information in a more clear table format, e.g. Hydraulics.

The MRG describes over 300 non-normals, about 100 more than covered by the QRH, for instance these topics."

Posted by R.C - F/O B737 - Continental Airlines, USA

"I am sure it is a great informational text, but I would mention that the price is awfully high."

REPLY from the AUTHOR : "Notice that most other 737 guides are printed in black/white. So, when comparing the MRG to other B737 guides, make sure to compare the B/W price and take into account that the MRG has about 100 pages more than some other guides (e.g. CL+NG book contains 400 pages). You will notice that the price is in accordance with other guides.

The Full Color book is indeed expensive. This is because the book is printed on luxury glaze paper to avoid that pages fall out after a few months. The guide also comes with a durable 1 mm - 0.04 inch thick transparent cover that protects the guide when travelling thousands of miles with you. More than 80% of our sales are Full Color books, so I guess the color edition is still value for money.

Notice that you can also subscribe to the mobile app, for a much lower budget."

Posted by S.Z - F/O B737 - Turkish Airlines, Turkey

"My instructor says I should not use the B737MRG during my initial Type Rating course. What is your opinion ?"

REPLY from the AUTHOR : "During your Type Rating course, you have to master all Boeing and Company documents. That is already a big challenge by itself. You do not need the B737 MRG to succesfully pass and obtain your type rating.

The B737 MRG is more of a complementary reference handbook, where you can find additional technical background information on systems, and operational guidelines when those systems fail. I personally recommend to take a look at the B737 MRG after 1 year experience on type, it will give you a much deeper and interesting insight.

I therefore agree with your instructor that you should not use the B737 MRG when you prepare for your type rating and along your initial line training. However, it may happen that, along the theoretical and simulator traning course for your type rating, you bounce into a question for which you cannot find the answer in the FCOM and QRH. If the question continues to bother you, you could grab the B737 MRG and perhaps find the answer in there."